We are the official Australia distributor of TRADE STRIP® PAINT REMOVER products. Researched, developed and manufactured in the UK. Trade Strip paint and varnish remover is a revolutionary unique patented water-based paint stripper using “science not solvents” that is safer to its user and the environment than conventional hazardous solvents.

Our products are a non-toxic composition and consist predominantly of water, and yet exhibit effective paint, varnish, and lacquer plasticizing/softening characteristics. This is totally different chemistry to that of normal solvent-based formulations where there is no chemical reaction within the formulation, only with the surface and coating being stripped (and of course the user!). All components in the formulations are well established and have a long history as non-hazardous materials. The main ingredient, the carrier, water, and the materials are emulsified to form and oil
in water emulsion. All ingredients were carefully selected for their user and environmental benefits. Independent VOC testing show content is 0.000004% (virtually nil!). All ranges are differentiated with the labels and the larger sized products being available for trade and industrial use.


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The next generation paint stripping services using environmentally methods and materials which can be used on almost any surface eg, stand stone, timber, render, brick. metal both old and new.

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