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lead away When you have unwanted graffiti on your wall or want to change your existing shades in your home, you will want a speedy and painless way to remove the excess. Our remover of choice is the “Lead Away” Natural Remover – an old fashioned, Chloride free alkaline poultice made from 70% recycled materials.
Each product gives a completely simple application, making your building, business or home improvement tasks straightforward, streamlined and easy. Try the difference today.
biodegradable product recycled material

Not just some lead paint removal– we’re here for any substance

Although, our removal is most commonly used for dangerous lead based substances, it has a wide range of applications that make it perfect for everyday use. It is best suited for the stripping of old lead paints, latex, alkyds or enamel paints and can be applied to many surfaces, including latex, alkyds or enamel paints from brick, sandstone, metal & timber. Although the stripper is powerful enough to remove any traces, it does not damage the underneath surface – all you’re left with is a clean and smooth surface that’s ready to be primed and painted.

Completely natural, the paint strippers are safe for all

All of the ingredients and packaging are completely biodegradable, meaning your choice will create a better environment for all.

Completely natural, yet powerful and strong, it removes multiple layers of graffiti from any surface and it does not contain any petroleum derivatives and all the ingredients are natural organic and/or natural inorganic materials. Safe for the environment and for your whole family (animals and children included), our non-toxic paint strippers are powerful at removing any excess.

It is the right choice when you are looking for a natural lead paint removal tool. However the Lead Paint Scrapings are toxic and need to be disposed of in a proper manner as per council regulations. Note: may darken timber.• Very low odour
• 70% Recycled Material• “Lead Away” is 100% Biodegradable (the stripped paint may not be!)
• No Solvents
• No Methylene Chloride Instructions and Applications:
1. Mix poultice thoroughly before use.
2. Apply thick coat of stripper (approx. 3mm) onto surface to be stripped. Application methods: trawled on or sprayed on with hopper gun.
3. Leave for 30 minutes to an hour, test with scraper to determine if paint is sufficiently softened. Stripping time depends on number of paint layers, age and type. The product may be left on for 24 hours or even longer. Keep poultice moist. In dry conditions cover with glad wrap, plastic sheets.
TIP: If working on timber do not cover poultice, when removing poultice do not harsh scrape and/or harsh brush timber.
4. Remove poultice with scraper and collect waste into bucket. Wash off residue with low to high pressure water or wash and scrub clean with medium to hard brush. Removal of multi layers of paint may need repeat application.
5. We recommend all lead based paints be removed by professionals who are properly trained in the methods. Disposal must be in accordance with State regulations. 

If contact with skin and eyes, wash with running water immediately. If swallowed do NOT induce vomiting.

Hazard Warning

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