When it comes for removing old coating like lead paint or any other failed coating, metal and masonry, cleaning sandstone facades, boats furniture or other delicate objects or surface, Sydney Paint Stripping Pty Ltd with over 10 year of experience, can supply proven products and technology. Whether it’s an old or a new building that needs surface cleaning, our Heritage-trained team can provide the product, technique and knowledge to help you achieve the desire results when removing coatings that over the years have collated pollutants. All this with minimum or no effect on the substrate.

Some of the projects we have been involved in over the last few years include the Cape Byron Bay Lighthouse, the Solitary Island (off Coffs Harbour) Lighthouse, Sydney Central Railway Building Colonnade Cleaning, the MacLaurin Hall sandstone façade at the University of Sydney, the Macquarie Lighthouse, Watson Bay-Sydney, Byron Bay Lighthouse, Old & New Parliament House, and Australian War Memorial-Canberra to mention just a few.


Sydney Central Train Station Internal and external sandstone cleaning with JosRotosoft Cleaning System.
Byron Bay Light House Internal Lead Paint Removals
We proudly present a reference letter provided by Carfax Commercial Constructions Pty Ltd.
Refurbishment of two heritage buildings at the College of Fine Arts Paddington.
External Window Restoration
External lead paint removals from the sandstone facade
Kitchen internal paint removal
Lead paint removal from the sandstone facade.
External lead paint removals
Internal Brick Restoration
Internal lead paint removals
Rope access high-rise painting
Painting & Paint Stripping Services
We thank all our customers and builders for giving us opportunities to provide our best services for them.

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The next generation paint stripping services using environmentally methods and materials which can be used on almost any surface eg, stand stone, timber, render, brick. metal both old and new.

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