What is Abrasive Blasting?

Abrasive blasting refers to the process of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface, under high pressure. The purpose is to smooth out an initially rough surface, roughen a smooth surface, or to remove surface contaminants. Abrasive blasting and sandblasting are very similar except for the material that is being used. Sandblasting originally used silica sand, however as technology advanced and more research was conducted, it was determined that the health risks of silica sand were too high. Abrasive blasting uses a variety of materials to clean and remove rust, dirt, paint and corrosion. The process works by using compressed air from a high-pressure machine which is mixed with finely crushed abrasive materials to help smooth and clean a rough surface.

Jos Rotosoft

Using Jos Rotosoft (a low pressure micro abrasive cleaning technology) sensitive facades and monuments can be treated when the use of chemicals is not recommended. This technique is particularly effective as it creates minimal dust that can be easily contained.

Our abrasive micro blasting service is ideal for the entire exterior of your home, removing layers of dirt and paint, which restores your home to like new condition with the cheapest cost

All jobs are comprehensively tested to determine the best removal method so your property remains undamaged in the process. All work is conducted to ISO9001 Quality Standards.

We love the environment and have successfully performed many delicate environmental clean-up jobs.

Ideal for the entire exterior of your property

Low pressure micro abrasive cleaning technology

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The next generation abrasive micro blasting using environmentally methods and materials which can be used on variety of surfaces.

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