Allbäck Linseed Oil Paint should be used in instances where health and air quality are of concern.

Allback Linseed Oil Products

Allbäck Linseed Oil products are suitable for interior and exterior use, floors, ceilings and walls in homes, hospitals, historic buildings, commercial buildings and industry, they are an absolutely safe alternative to plastic, latex and enamel paints.

Made from Swedish, cold-pressed, cleaned, filtered, sterilised, well-matured, cooked linseed oil. This approach is in harmony with REACH – the EU’s latest environmental legislation and our products have been emissions tested and approved by the Swedish Work Environment Authority, the Swedish National Heritage Board and Environmental Evaluation of Building Products.

Our product offering extends to include:

Linseed Oil Paint Linseed Oil Putty
Linus Wall Paint Linseed Oil Wax
Emulsion Linseed Oil Soap
Primer and Filler Raw & Boiled Linseed Oil

Allbäck Linseed Oil Paint contains no solvents and consist only of cleaned, sterilised linseed oil and natural pigments. Linseed Oil is 100% natural material and when sterilised and cleaned correctly will provide the basis for paint products of high technical features, excellent drying time, competitive cost and most importantly remove nasty odours and VOC’s associated with plastic and alkyd paint products.

Not only is Allbäck a healthy paint alternative, it also stands up in a performance and technical perspective to synthetic paint products.

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The next generation paint stripping services using environmentally methods and materials which can be used on almost any surface eg, stand stone, timber, render, brick. metal both old and new.

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