Our specialists from Sydney Paint Stripping are highly experienced in the assessment and management of contaminated land and acid sulfate soils, specialising in contaminated soil and water assessments, risk assessment, remediation and site management. We have extensive experience dealing with and managing a range of sites including residential land, power infrastructure sites, fuel storage facilities, commercial and industrial sites, agricultural land and historical waste disposal sites.

We strongly recommends that a contamination assessment is completed as early as possible in the purchase/planning/development process so that the real costs, both financial and in time, can be factored into project scheduling. Forewarned is forearmed and having solid information upfront will often avoid costly delays and unforeseen costs at the back end of a project. As such Sydney Paint Stripping offers a range of Contamination Assessment services from high level Due Diligence assessments through to detailed assessments, remediation planning and implementation.

We pride ourselves on our ability to work with you and your project team to achieve the best environmental outcome within the various project constraints that may be present. The breadth and depth of our understanding of contamination issues, enables us to provide cost-effective solutions that enhance the project, while meeting the relevant regulatory requirements.

You may need a Hygienist and Environmental Assessment on Your Project

It’s extremely important to understand what these two services are all about, and especially before you start working onsite. It is now very common that these services are required. They can also give you critical information that many protect you in a number of ways. We understand these two areas very well and have worked with our qualified consultants over several very large projects.

When you contact us about your needs ask whether a Hygienist and/or an Environmentalist will be needed – it costs you nothing to ask. We can give you an understanding and a direction to take and give you a price on what options are available so you can consider and make an informed decision.

As stated above, please ask earlier than later about these services as the consequences can be concerning and very costly if done at a later stage, or simply at the wrong time.

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Our team undergoes on-going training to ensure that the techniques used to remediate or remove your soil are completely safe, as well as efficient and cost-effective.

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