Instead of a beautiful even coat of paint, highlighting the unique features of your heritage property, your building’s old painting is starting to crack, there is bubbling on the surface and there are unsightly flakes that are beginning to peel off, now it’s the time to take some action and make it beautiful again.

You should repaint your building if:

  • Paint is peeling off, cracking apart, or forming bubbles
  • Faded or uneven paint colour is making your property look old
  • You’re considering selling your property
  • Over 5-10 years has passed since your last paint job

Benefits of the building restorations:

  • Boost your property’s value with improved street appeal
  • Enhance the aesthetic of the heritage aspects that make your building unique
  • Keep your heritage property protected from natural elements
  • Remove old paints that may contain lead-based paint

We also specialise in interior or exterior restoration of heritage building. Using our extensive knowledge and experience of the different styles, our high quality craftsmanship returns heritage homes and buildings to their former splendor using only quality materials. Whether your project is small or large, Post war or Heritage Listed, we have the experience and advice to help you through. In addition, we have all the required licenses to ensure we can restore or upgrade your building

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