Remove Unwanted Graffiti Quickly!

Unwanted graffiti is vandalism. It scars the community, hurts property values and diminishes our quality of life.

Government research indicates the faster graffiti is removed, the less future graffiti occurs in that location. Therefore the quicker you remove graffiti, the less chance it will re-occur on your property. Pressure Cleaning is often the best removal solution.

Our hot water high pressure cleaner makes it effective and efficient to remove graffiti without using harsh chemicals that may cause damage to the surface. All chemicals needed are environmentally friendly and leaves the site looking like its original state. We are fully conscious of the finished looks of your walls and will take the utmost of care to ensure a neat and smooth finish.

We safely remove graffiti paint or ink from a range of surfaces without damaging the underlying surface such as whiteboards, plastics, powder coat, color bond, glass, playground equipment, toilet partitions, traffic signage, buses, bill posters, raw brick, concrete, stone, granite, tiles and raw metals. We provide fast, economical and effective graffiti solutions to local government and industry. We will discuss the best removal techniques for your situation, and then quote you accordingly.

All jobs are comprehensively tested to determine the best removal method so your property remains undamaged in the process. All work is conducted to ISO9001 Quality Standards.

We love the environment and have successfully performed many delicate environmental clean-up jobs. Cutting-edge chemicals and extensive Research and Development mean that we can remove graffiti without damaging your wall.

Some photos of our works

We can remove the graffiti from even the toughest surfaces

Using the best removal method so your property remains undamaged in the process

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The next generation graffiti removing using environmentally safe methods and materials which can be used on almost any surface eg, sandstone, timber, render, brick. metal both old and new.

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