Using the “Blu Vac” system with it’s single operation washing and containment is an appropriate solution when open pressure nozzle cleaning is not an option, eg, when treating indoor surfaces or if environmental regulations do not permit the discharge of liquid residue into stormwater drains.

Specially designed captive tools are connected to water pressure supply and to the vacuum system which collects the residue. the system is ideal for dust free cleaning and washing on building sites, decreasing workshops, floors, ceilings & walls, air handling systems, ducting and plant rooms, façade cleaning, paint stripping, chemically floor stripping, acid wash, Fire Damage Soot removal clean up, removing bacteria and disinfecting surfaces, meth-lab cleaning and many other applications. It washes, rinses and cleans surfaces of any structures without any mess and contains the generated waste.

Our captive water cleaning service is ideal for the entire exterior/interior of your home, removing layers of dirt and grime, which restores your home to like new condition with the cheapest cost.

All jobs are comprehensively tested to determine the best removal method so your property remains undamaged in the process. All work is conducted to ISO9001 Quality Standards.

We love the environment and have successfully performed many delicate environmental clean-up jobs.

Captive Water Washing on Train Station

Dust-free cleaning

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